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Return Man 3

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Return Man 3 is the most popular edition of the series of games about American Football, developed and released by ESPN. If you love playing sport games, I am sure you will enjoy the Return Man 3 game as well. In this game, your control returner – a player who has to run through the field and score the touchdown. This is not an easy task because the other team defenders are trying to stop you. You must avoid hitting them and run as fast as you can towards the finish line.

On your way to the finish line, you may notice some power-up icons on the field. The most useful power-up with a lighting on it will give you speed boost to run from the defenders. As you progress in Return Man 3, you will unlock some new features, including new players and special moves. Special Moves are made when there is no other chance to escape from the enemies. There are 3 different special move, you will unlock all of them during the game. As soon as the game begin, you should move towards the yellow circle to get the ball. Remember that it is important to get the ball first because the enemies are on their way to get it. Hope that you will have fun playing the Return Man 3 as well as other version of the popular game at our website. If the game is not loading, try using Mozilla Firefox browser. Enjoy

The Controls For The Return Man 3 Game are:
[I] [J] [K] [L] – Move. You can also use Arrow Buttons instead.
[A] [S] [D] – Activate Special Moves.